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  • English Heritage

    Dover Castle: Battle of France

    Motion Graphics

    Digital Delicious was commissioned by leading international design and communication company Kvorning Design & Communication (http://kvorning.dk) to produce engaging audio visual content as part of a new exhibition at Dover Castle. A labyrinth of tunnels lie underneath Dover Castle where the exhibition is displayed and where in 1940 the Dunkirk evacuation operation was controlled. This motion graphic section is part of the guided tour of the tunnels and is projected on a giant table top display. Other sections produced for the permanent exhibition were, an introductory film, filmed re-enactments of the Dunkirk control operations, green screened filmed re-enactments of the troops, audio interviews with survivors of the Dunkirk evacuation.

    “The scheme you have created immerses the audience in the story in a way that no traditional exhibition can. The effect is not just to understand what happened but to be emotionally engaged in the drama. It is very clever and together with the Great Tower gives us a unique property in Dover Castle.”
    Mark Pemberton, Director, English Heritage.

    “I myself though it the moste effective audio-visual I have ever seen – informative, pacy and emotional.”
    Simon Thurley, CEO, English Heritage.